Foothills Heritage Market

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From Memorial Day to the end of September

A proud Pet-Friendly Market.


Mission of the Foothills Heritage Market is to offer fresh, local produce to the citizens of our county, a friendly place to get-together, share and learn.  Our goal is to build a meeting space /event facility that is open throughout the year. The market center will include a commercial kitchen that will allow farmers to make specialty food items that can be sold—not only at the market but at stores and shops in surrounding tourist areas. The kitchen will also allow groups who are meeting at the center to provide cost-effective meals for their event. The market already supports educational programs to help our vendors grow their business and programs that assist seniors with access to healthy local food.

Foothills Heritage Market

Our Foothills Heritage Market focuses on providing fresh local produce, including fruits, honey, eggs, and meats that are all grown by the neighbors we know.

Come meet our farmers, learn healthy recipes and cooking techniques, and watch as your children enjoy hula hooping or chasing giant bubbles.

Everything you will find at our market is grown within fifty miles or hand-made by one of our Oconee artisans. You will also find great gift items such as crocheted items, hand-made dog accessories and treats, hand-made soaps and spa items, and beautifully crafted wooden bowls, cutting boards, and furniture.

Market Vendors

Market space is provided at no charge to Oconee farmers, artists, and craftsmen. You must provide your own table and any decorations, banners, and marketing materials. We ask that you set up prior to 8 a.m. on Saturday and prior to 5:30 p.m. on Friday evenings. We also ask that you not leave—even if you sell out—until the market is closed, except in the case of an emergency. We want people to get to know you and your services!

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Farmers’ Market Regulations

All materials must be raised/handmade by yourself within fifty miles of the market. We do not allow jewelry or other franchised items to be sold at The F.A.R.M. Center. We do make allowances for products that cannot be produced within fifty miles of the market (such as seafood) or that are not currently in production by local farmers. Please inquire regarding items you might be selling via our Facebook page.

Our History

The Foothills Heritage Market is a 501(c)3 non-profit operated under the umbrella organization of the Foothills Agriculture Resource and Marketing Center (The F.A.R.M. Center).

We first opened in the spring of 2013 as a result of municipal markets being served by vendors who were re-selling produce purchased at state markets operated in Atlanta or Columbia, which are not truly “local.” The F.A.R.M. Center was formed as part of a plan to build the wealth of our county’s growers, entrepreneurs, and artists. All farms are site-inspected to ensure that “local” means local.

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Raised: $45.00 Goal: $2,600,000.00