Welcome to the F.A.R.M Center Amphitheater!

This natural amphitheater on the F.AR.M. Center property is the perfect space for outdoor concerts, shows, and other performances. With seating for 3,500+ people, we have BIG plans to bring great outdoor entertainment to Oconee County. Here is a look at what’s coming to the F.A.R.M Center Amphitheater:

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Our goal for this center is to build:
  • A 180’ X 270’ covered arena space and livestock show facility currently known simply as “The Arena”
  • An event facility that includes a large commercial kitchen, exhibit hall and spacious restrooms. This venue will be  suitable for community activities such as outdoor living expos , home and garden shows,  business learning workshops and the farmers market
  • An outdoor amphitheater with seating for at least 1000

Consider making a contribution today to help make our vision a reality.

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